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Hello TAY family, My name is Drea Poetic and I have Completion Anxiety.

Before people start coming through the comments saying that I’m making fun of a real disorder I assure you I’m not. My IRL career choice brings me close to mental health disorders on a daily basis so I’m aware of the real criteria. However, as a gamer I have noticed that throughout my gaming career I have had an interesting time actually completing a lot of games.


My genre of choice is JRPG/RPGS so completing them in a timely manner is definitely a daunting task depending on the game. But for my personal habits I realized that I would put damn near 30+ hours into any given game, get super close to the end if not at the final boss and not finish. WHY THE FUCK DON’T I FINISH THE GAME?! THE ENDING IS RIGHT THERE!

At first I passed it off as something new and interesting came out around the time I was finishing said game. Which could be the case because sinking 40+ hours into a game on a regular adult life schedule could mean that yes, another game has managed to drop. But a lot of the time, there wasn’t another pressing game to play. I would look at the system I was playing on, think about the game I was playing and where I was in it and get a weird feeling in my stomach that’s hard to describe and then, I just wouldn’t play anything that day. No I didn’t break out into hives or cry or anything “major” but anxiety doesn’t always present itself that way. Anything that brings about a disruption to your everyday routines that you notice and it bothers you can then be a termed a “problem”.


So my thoughts about anxiety are pretty much this, there are 2 types of anxiety/stress and for the sake of this post I’ll keep it simple. People can have good stress that spurs you to do things well and bad stress that totally derails you and often keeps you from meeting your goals optimally or otherwise. At the moment, my Completion Anxiety is keeping me from attaining the goal of finishing the games that I love. This means that I need to make some changes about how I perceive finishing games and what keeps me from completing them.

Personally I have identified the 2 main culprits of my Completion Anxiety one is that I don’t want the story to be over. It sounds silly right? But once you finish a game what’s the point of picking it back up? The adventure is over, all the mysteries are solved, the prince got the girl, etc. That makes me sad honestly. And the second one is that sometimes when I read a little bit too far ahead in the strategy guide or whatever, I end up psyching myself out. I’m like “oh shit that’s going to be so hard. There is no way I’m going to beat that boss or trial”. Mind you, usually at this point I’m not even close to being all the way leveled or geared so if I kept going I could probably beat that boss’s ass lol.


My personal solutions are these, one I have to accept that the story is going to be over. All good things must come to an end right? And two, I have to stop reading or watching past the parts that I need when I’m stuck so I can avoid psyching myself out. Those are two simple fixes that I never thought to do but that is usually the case with some mental health issues. Sometimes you just need someone to present something you may already know in a different way without judgement to produce different results.

But anyway, That was my own personal account of Completion Anxiety what about you guys? Am I the only one experiencing this kind of stuff with games? Have you guys coined your own terms during your gaming experience? Let me know in the comments if you stumbled across this post.


I also included a link to an article about the types of stress I was referring to so check it out if you’re curious. And also as another side note, if you’re experiencing any type of mental health issues or are unsure if you are definitely contact a mental health professional to get the help you need to be a better you ^.^

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Article on Stress:…



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